I am confused about the OpenBeautyFacts app. The source of the app is pointing on the source of OpenFoodFacts (see the links in the description of the app). Does somenone no more about this topic? By looking on the playstore the last version published is 2.7.0 (07/04/2018) while it is 3.2.8 (12/03/2020) on F-Droid.

OpenBeautyFacts and OpenFoodFacts are built from the same source code, that’s correct. They use different Gradle flavors:

No idea why 2.7.0 is on the Play.

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Thanks for your response. Maybe I will contact the team directly to investigate further this issue.

Here a little discussion on their slack about this topic :

F-Droid has an early preview of Open Beauty Facts. The Google Play is the legacy version, but it has a key feature we don’t have yet on the native version: ingredient analysis.

If any Android devs are lurking around, help welcome :slight_smile:

Pierre (teolemon) from Open Food Facts


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