Open Source Android TV?

I am trying to figure out how to get something like an open source version of Android TV. I don’t want to use the normal Android TV as that has spyware in it.

  1. Is there some box made with a roku like remote that I can install this on?

  2. Is there such thing as open source Android TV?

  3. Would this support casting like Android TV?

Thinking more about it. I wonder if I want an linux box that can emulate android apps. I would like a Roku like experience though.

kodi might be your answer

kodi supports many platform, just install it on top of an whatever android you had and there you get yur open source tv

if you plan to use it with tv, maybe you want to set a separate machine. some ways i have known:
1.install it on android phone/tablet and cast it or use adapter cable to tv
2.install android generic/android x86 on your pc and simply connect an vga/hdmi adapter to tv
3.if you a expert you can tweak and flash your tv hardware or make live usb kodi

you can find the tutorials on internet. happy hacking.

I would be the first to get one, if there was FLOSS/FOSS TV. But I think like everyone else, and like every other country, TV manufacturers everywhere bother no less for privacy. Example Vivo, OP, MI and all.

You can buy an Nvidia Shield and install LineageOS on it. Info about foster | LineageOS Wiki

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