Open Camera APK with different hashes from F-Droid and Sourceforge.

Hello to all.
About Open Camera apk:
When calculating the SHA1 hash of the APK file I have observed that the result of Sourceforge and that of the F-Droid files are different. Is this normal? should I be worried?
sha1 calculated from for the Sourgeforce file:
sha1 calculated from for the F-Droid file:
the size of the files is also different

The app on SF was built by the dev. The APK on F-Droid by us. That makes two different builds, so yes: in most cases that’s normal. There are only few exceptions to that rule – currently 3 to be precise: apps for which “reproducible builds” have been established.

TL;DR: No need to worry. Apps on F-Droid are genuine :wink:


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