Only a few apps installable

Hi, I’m new to F-Droid. My problem is that there are only a few programs to install inside of F-Droid. For example only 7 programs in the category “Internet”. Is that normal?

I use:
Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo
Android 5.1.1
F-Droid 1.13.1

Sadly, many apps require newer Android. With 11, you see hundreds in the category.

As @justsomeguy said, Android 5.1.1 is very old and not many apps still support it. You may get more options if you enable F-Droid Archive in Settings -> Repositories, as that enables apps and old versions of apps. Be aware those apps may no longer work though.

There is Lineage os available for your device:

If changing the ROM is an option for you, then this is a good opportunity to get a newer android version.

Besides the app support, there is also a security risk to use such an old android version.

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