Old bitcoin clients in Fdroid


I’m wondering why the two bitcoin clients, Bitcoin Wallet and Crescent (bitcoin cash) haven’t been updated in a long time? The Bitcoin Wallet app in Fdroid is over a year old and the Crescent app is six month old and further more because of the protocol update that happened in November it doesn’t sync with the blockchain anymore

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) does not equal Bitcoin (BTC) so the title may be a tad misleading.

One year is not a big issue for bitcoin because the protocol hardly changes.

(Funny coincidence, I was just coming online to see what can be done to get hexa wallet on F-Droid.)

I think one year old is ancient, especially as one can see in the changelog for Bitcoin Wallet that the development has marched on steadily.

Can one conclude that Bitcoin Wallet isn’t going to be updated on Fdroid anymore?

What about Crescent?

Some reproducibility issues iirc

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