Numeric Liberapay ID for Donations


Metadata Reference mentions the LiberapayID to be a numeric value. How do I find that out? I setup a team but do only see the symbolic team name and nowhere a numeric ID for it.

Was there a change in the liberapay platform? Or should I use the more generic Donate tag in the metadata?

Also: is there a chance to add the donation meta data directly in the repo (like the app description etc. in Triple-T/fastlane structure)?


There is unfortunately still no UI for this, but you can add /public.json behind your team page, there you get an id field.


Great, thanks. I suggest to add the procedure how to extract it to the metadata docs. Is there anything I can do? (e. g. a pull request in case the docs is somewhere in git…)


Look at the fdroid-website repo under _docs.

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