No preview , Samsung A50

I have a problem like in the picture.

Re-installed f-droid applications. Installed on Samsung A50 android 11

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Please take a screenshot of F-Droid’s settings screen as well

unfortunately I don’t know how to turn on English

Setting the two sliders (for WiFi and mobile data) to the middle entry disables image loading. Try moving them to the right and re-starting F-Droid


ByteHamster - thx :slight_smile:
Your suggestion helped

That helped also for the Samsung A40, is there a reason why this isn’t on by default?

It is on by default (at least for WiFi)

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Ok so maybe a wrong manipulation caused the issue ^^

(@Tiom if this message resolved the issue, you can “close” the topic by marking it as a solution :wink: )

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Try latest 1.14-alpha3 too, it might not need full to the right

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