NewPipe doesn't work (again)

NewPipe doesn’t work at all right now.
The latest version on f-droid is 0.19.5, while the latest version from upstream is 0.19.8.
Seems like there were already 3 new releases that never made it to f-droi.

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I think it’s a YouTube issue, as using other players doesn’t work either.
Tried with SkyTube, YaShlang, MinTube (crashes)
WebTube works

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Do you know how long it will last?

About 4 months, then Google will change something else and it will break again.

Updates are very quick with repos enabled, highly recommended

Link missing here:

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Maybe it’s time to switch to

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After the reproducible thing gets really fixed it won’t matter which repo the APKs come from :wink:

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