New Andor's Trail release v0.7.14 not built - ant not supported?

I am nut from Andor’s Trail dev team. I wonder why the F-Droid apk is not built yet?
Just saw in the git metadata (
that the tag was recognized, but there seems to be a problem with the build:

  • versionName: 0.7.14
    versionCode: 61
    disable: ant is not supported anymore

Could someone help me what is meant by “ant not supported”?

How does one build the app with the SDK and NDK?

I saw but not sure how to…

I use the older version of AndroidStudio 2.2.2 with
Android API 25 Platform
Build target Android Api 30
Java SDK 1.8

My dev colleagues said that a newer AndroidStudio version wouldn’t work and also that the project should not be converted to gradle.
We had already started some effort to upgrade the project, so that we could use a more actual Android studio, but didn’t succeed yet. Unfortunately I am not too deep into these compiler settings and engine specialities, so I can not be of much help in this work.
But it looks like our main task for the next release has to be modernizing …

“Should NOT be converted to Gradle” or “Should NOW be converted to Gradle” ?

I hope it’s NOW :slight_smile:

F-Droid uses tooling directly, not Android Studio.

‘should now’ would be right, but it will take some time until we’ll have made it…

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