Need some help on installing on a tablet

I use NewPipe on My Android Samsung Phone. It’s amazing! I want to get it on my Samsung Tablet model SM-T377P. Android Version 7.1.1.

When I try to open the file it will not open. I can’t figure out why? Fdroid and Newpipe download but when I try to open/install them nothing happens.

I just can’t figure out why. I tried all kinds of things for hours. I am hoping someone can tell me what I am doing wrong.

So, how you try to open them?

Eg. Use a file manager…also don’t forget to enable in Android Settings Security “allow unknown sources” first :wink:

Hi, I allowed download from unknown sources first and then went to the “my downloads” and I found the file and then I found it and clicked on it. Then it says Do you want to install this application? It does not require any special access. There I s a cancel and install button. When I try to click install nothing happens. Only the cancel button works

Yes, please disable any “overlay” app or apps with “draw over other apps” permission, like Twilight, CFLumen, RedShift, etc. then retry

Firstly U Restart Your Device and then Try Again … and also dont forget to enable in Android Settings Security “Allow Unknown Sources” . It Works Definately visit site

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That worked perfect @ Joseph9. Thank you!! Such a simple solution. I spent hours trying. I appreciate it!

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