Need open source app for voice recorder to record internal sound for zoom video conferencing

need open source application, system voice recorder to record internal sound from zoom program for video conferencing

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Which app did you try already?

Axet.audiorecorder but it does not record internal audio only from the microphone

That’s usually a ROM limitation that Google might lift in Android 10 or 11.

Which device? What Android version?

2 devices
first Motorola Moto G7 android 9 stock
I can not flash yet because important files are stored there
but I think to flash lineageos 17.1 android

second Xiaomi Redmi 4X flashed Lineageos 16 Android 9
want to try android 6 ,7, 8 on Redmi 4x
flash cyanogenmod 13 and root or lineageos 14.1 and root or flash lineageos 15.1 and root

Try with (eg. via Aurora Store) and keep it blocked in Netguard so you don’t get ads and whatever.

IIRC has a toggle for internal sound, tested on games, maybe it works for you.

Thanks you very mach
what is IIrc please explain and give a link

IIRC = if I recall correctly

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