My experiences on F-Droid and why I can't go 100% F-Droid


Just discovered F-Droid and I’m enjoying it, but of course, there are some difficulties and because of these difficulties I cannot go 100% F-Droid.


When I discovered there was no VLC on F-Droid, I thought maybe the other music players available could replace it, but I was wrong though.

One of the first problems I noticed was that almost all of these apps listed here en cannot scan and find my music collection on my SD card, even when I manually directed the app to my music folder, I couldn’t add music to the app.

The only app that did work with my music was Music Player , however I ran into a big issue with it. I tend to play music when I go to sleep, I would hook up my phone to external speakers, set the app to shuffle tracks and I’d listen to music til I fall asleep, but the problem is the app doesn’t go to the next track when the screen is locked, it only goes to the next track when I unlock the screen.

I discovered Yalp Store and installed VLC. Problem solved.
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I’m sure there are some FDroid repositories that contain VLC :slight_smile:


Just in case you are interested in why there is no VLC in the main F-droid repo :


Last time I checked VLC is still free software. I don’t see any reason at all not to include it. Even the VLC version in Google Play does not contain proprietary libraries like google play services, like many open source apps do there, such as Telegram or Signal.


Some thoughts:

  • VLC 3.0.13 is in the Archive repo (remember to disable it once installed since it breaks icons)
  • VLC is not in main repo since the VLC devs did not want it (long story, read here: )
  • Vanilla player works great for music (try to setup the media scanner better)



Can we live stream songs on VLC media player? Like if I want to play online song from soundcloud to mp3 which can run on VLC media offline. I have seen people using Soundcloud API for doing the same.


Why don’t you use NewPipe? Has support integrated…no need to VLC and whatnot…


VLC ( and NewPipe, etc.) … their latest APK files are available without visiting a questionable Play Store. I don’t have any trust issues with their offerings.