Multiple apks

I’ve been reading at the Android developer site about creating multiple apks for an app based on various factors such as different ABIs in order to keep the download size smaller. Saw various articles that mentioned that Google’s app store and Amazon’s app store are able to handle multiple apks for one app and pick which apk to download based on the device’s hardware. According to the documentation, the apks need to have the same package, same certificate key and different version codes in the manifest. Does F-Droid have a feature to support multiple apks for different architecture for the same app? If so, are there any details or documentation on it? I’ve been creating one apk with native libraries, but I’d prefer to create separate apks each with its own native library.

Please search on F-Droid/Issues:

Actually there is no support but you could add your own repositories, so this can help you.

See e.g. Document Viewer (Viewer for many document formats) -

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Nice to see an example of multiple apks. Thank you.

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