Multiple APK support in F-Droid

Does F-Droid have multiple APK support?

Multiple APK support is a feature that allows a developer to publish different APKs for his/her application that are each targeted to different device configurations. Google play store has this feature :

If F-Droid has this feature, how I can enable this feature in F-Droid server?

You can setup one build block per arch, each with the same versionName, but different versionCode, see metadata for Riot or Fennec.

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Will F-Droid build all new versions it finds in the metadata? I was under the impression that only the latest version would be built, which in this case would mean a single arch.

It builds all versions that haven’t already been sucessfully built.

Will try to build all unbuilt yes

@Licaon_Kter thank you so much….

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