Metadata refreshed but no update/build log available

Some days ago, I pushed a new tag to dev.patri9ck.a2ln. When I edited the metadata afterwards to adjust some things and submitted a merge request, I noticed, thanks to the bot, that there is an issue with Gradle: dev.patri9ck.a2ln: Added web site, author information, donation link (!11376) · Merge requests · F-Droid / Data · GitLab

So I fixes the issue, deleted the tag and recreated it.

Unfortunately, the new version still cannot be downloaded at F-Droid and there is no build log available: log: dev.patri9ck.a2ln:6 - F-Droid Monitor

Is it normal that it happend yet? And if not, is there some way to trigger the build process so the update is available to users?

The link you sent shows a build log to me, guess when you posted the build cycle just hadn’t gotten to your app yet.

The fact the build is currently displayed under running - F-Droid Monitor means that the build hasn’t been signed yet, once the build cycle completes and the apps have been signed the app will become available.

See FAQ · Wiki · F-Droid / wiki · GitLab and FAQ · Wiki · F-Droid / wiki · GitLab for more details.

Alright, thank you!

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