Metadata : real auto-update when a new tag is created?

Hello All.

I published an application on f-droid a few weeks ago. I did 3 updates “by hand”, I mean I had to create a branch on gitlab, fork the f-droid data project, upload a new metadata, create the tag on (where the app repository is), and it works.

But I did not understand how can I do a fully automated update on f-droid side ? It seems, each time I created a Tag/Release on GitHub, f-droid do not see it and the app is not updated.

Do i have to modify the metadata.yml by hand and include the corresponding tag, each time I release a new verson ? I though the AutoUpdateMode mode was made to avoid manual step on f-droid.

The metadata of my app is here :
On the YML, there are Builds sections for 3 versions (with the same build instructions).
There is new version tagged on GitHub (, but the f-droid app and site still use the previous version.

I think the problem is that on the commit that you tagged as version 1.2.4, your build.gradle file still states versionCode 123: makesomenoise/build.gradle at 1.2.4 · psa-jforestier/makesomenoise · GitHub

Because versionCode 123 is already used for release 1.2.3, it is not a new release as far as the Android OS is concerned but the same version.

You should increment your versionCode (and versionName, although versionName is purely visual) before you created a new tag, so that each tag has a higher versionCode value than the previous tag.

Thank you for pointing it to me. I’m going to delete and recreate the tag.

I see F-Droid detected the update successfully now: Update Make Some Noise to 1.2.4 (124) (893a7a35) · Commits · F-Droid / Data · GitLab :slight_smile:

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