Mathdroid - I love it when this happens

Not long ago I took the time to look through every app on F-Droid. Did I just not see Mathdroid? It’s possible. I’m young no longer. (But do not look down on me. What I lack in mental clarity I compensate for in wisdom. At least that’s what I tell my wife…)
Mathdroid was added in 2011. I like to see old apps that still get the job done. It NEEDS no update.

The app as well as the website have a search function, so if you are searching for a specific app there is no need to go through all of them.

Mathdroid is here:

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I’m sorry. I was not being clear. I downloaded the app then I wrote the post. I thought it odd that I had overlooked Mathdroid not long ago as I was methodically looking through all the apps. A few days ago I read about the app elsewhere, used search on F-Droid and there it was. The app still works despite no updates. Thanks.

Okay so your post was just a statement, you don’t have any questions or need any assistance?

No. But thanks! I was just praising the app. (I love F-Droid and appreciate everyone that makes it possible.)

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