Maintenance Log



Redeployed search as it wasn’t finding anything before that for me.


scratchbox is back up as of yesterday.


On @uniqx’s request, I deployed the latest website search


After a little outage, we’re back to live at 9a55a3e. Also successfully deployed discourse-solved-accepted-answer-plugin, see an example here: disappeared


Redeployed website-search, mainly because of this:


Re-deployed again from the nightly build.


Re-deplayed search index. Now the app titles are correct again on the search page.


Re-deployed search (because it wasn’t finding anything anymore again). The latest build seems to have broken the styling :see_no_evil:


Again, after some downtime, updated successfully to 05dddcb.

If someone knows how I can update on the command line (./launcher rebuild app) without having that downtime, tell me, please.


Now fixed by applying the following change to

-        ProxyPass /search
-        ProxyPassReverse /search
+        ProxyPass /search
+        ProxyPassReverse /search

Still don’t know why this broke or how this worked before. But at least it’s working again.


I installed all the Debian updates on forum, scratchbox, schweiger, and verification. I rebooted scratchbox.


After some downtime due to ./launcher rebuild app, we successfully updated to 392f184.


When posting in another topic, I realized that our forum cannot create a preview of links to our website:

I think it would be cool if we can somehow enable this. More information:


Restarted website-search as it was broken again. :-/


scratchbox’s disk filled up with Docker diffs. So I added to run all
the time to keep disk space free.


Successfully upgraded Discourse to 945cb90, discourse-solved to 65a9768 and docker_manager to 1d00bac.


I’m thinking we should make this thread “unlisted” so that its not so easy to profile the activities on the servers.


@hans What do you mean by making it “unlisted”? So it doesn’t show up on the forum list? Restrict search engines to index this topic? Making the whole topic private?

I initially posted publicly about the forum’s state because I thought security through obscurity isn’t what we want. As you are likely more experienced than me in these things, I will follow your decision on this, though.