Maintenance Log



Both of those work for me!


So, I think, as long as we don’t have, let’s use this topic!


Successfully updated to c8cf034.


Successfully updated to 3a35f45.


Performed general system upgrades to debian 9.4 on and and rebooted the systems.

Re-deployed website-search docker container from gitlab-regsitry to update the index.

(I noticed that the website-search docker service runs on, this was a bit surprising.)


I was thinking of as our production Docker setup, that’s why fdroid-website-search is running there.


Update to Debian 9.4 plus latest docker-ce package and rebooted:


Redeployed website-search docker and updated on this occasion and rebooted.

Edit: updated all the other hosts as well except schweiger.


Re-deployed website-search again.


Rebuild index and redeployed website-search again. (I tend to do that when I’m missing an app in the search results… ;-))


Following the discussion from this topic, @paulakreuzer and @Bubu are now moderators of this forum.


I will do an upgrade of Discourse now.


Successfully updated to d16c4b0.


Redeployed website-search container.


I rebooted scratchbox, and that seems to have broken it :-/ I sent a support ticket.


Again, to have the new apps in the search index.


Couldn’t we automate this somehow? By for example rebuilding it everyday?


I plan to install this plugin so topics can be closed when a question is solved:

@paulakreuzer Do you know of any other plugin that could be useful to F-Droid?


once the search deploy procedure proves stable, then I think it makes sense to automated it


If you ever want to announce Events on the forum the Events Plugin could be useful, maybe in combination with the Locations Plugin.