Maintenance Log



Following our little forum maintenance guide, we’ll use this topic for giving information about the maintenance of this forum.

UX design feedback group / thread

I’ll update the forum in approximately 15 minutes.


Upgrading the forum was successful. We are now at e0285bc.


I’ll update the forum in approximately 15 minutes.


Took a little bit longer than excepted because of updates of docker_manager, but now we are at b059a0f.


I’ll update the forum in approximately 15 minutes.


Successfully upgraded, we are now at e568be0.


I’ll update the forum now.


Successfully updated to 66f2925, enjoy!


Successfully updated to 26d1037.


Successfully updated to 69920b7.


Just saw this, this is a good idea! Today I installed all Ubuntu updates. I then shutdown the machine, and increased the VM from 2gigs of RAM to 4 gigs.


Just took a full, baseline backup of the forum VM, so I had to stop Discourse for a couple minutes:


So, I successfully updated to 4e618aa. Thanks @hans for helping out!


Successfully updated to 0d34caf :+1:


A little bit late this time, but updated successfully to 5ad1709.


After forum’s outage we’re now at b68799e.


How about we use this thread as a long for fdroid servers in general? Or do we want a private thread?


for example, I just set up a 8GB swap file for scratchbox, the gitlab CI runner box. It has 8GB RAM, but the deploy requires something like 13GB RAM.


Yeah, I think that’s a good idea! Although I think a separate subdomain with no JavaScript on a separate server would be better but as we don’t have it at the moment, it’s OK.

I like the principle of having everything public by default and only hiding stuff when it’s really needed.

Thank you!