Mail account information a requirement for agenda apps


Please forgive me my ignorance.
Why do apps like Etar (and Replicant Agenda) require me to hand over information about my email account, including a certificate?

Thanks in advance.


You didn’t search the app Issues page?

You might have found this: explaining why and how to bypass that.


@jspricke just FYI as I heard you talking about exactly this issue at the congress.


Thanks @Licaon_Kter

I’ve installed the offline-calendar app and created a calendar. I can use it in Agenda and in Etar.

Now I want to import an .ics file with my data in it.

So I installed Calendar Import-Export, which allows me to click on “Import file” and then nothing happens.

I did search the app issues page [1] and didn’t find it.

When I start Calendar Import-Export I can choose between import file and import url.

When I click on Import file, then another option shows: “Load”.

When I click on “load” I get the pop-up that says “Error. Error: lock == null”



Solved :slight_smile:

Tried the same again, then it automatically searched the system for a calendar file. Clicked on “load” and all events were added to the earlier made calendar.

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