Looking for some guidance with a P2P Journalling app?

Hey guys! I’m new to the forum, and was just wondering if there’s anything special I should do to properly get ready to request inclusion?

My app is a notetaking/wikis app that uses P2P sync, based on a distributed database, any device can be the server and you can arrange servers in a tree structure with as many mirrors as you want, with easy QRCode based setup, and everything is true multi-writer, 2-way, and blockchain-free/mutable first synced.

It also contains a web proxy layer for securely accessing the servers over the internet without a domain name, by using a localhost proxy and public keys hidden in the subdomain.

You can use the web proxy layer to publish any normal web service, like your home automation hub, either by proxying through an old tablet or by running a daemon right on the server.

Eventually I also want to add a few extra features like map view.

The big issue is it uses the manage external storage permission, and it doesn’t currently encrypt stored notes. It also combines what kind of feels like a bunch of unrelated functionality, even though the Streams depend on the Services for sync and it would be bad UX to separate them.

Do you guys think this is a potential candidate for inclusion here? Would I need to make any changes?

I’m already planning to support encrypted notes, is there anything special needed for storing the keys to be generally accepted by the community? Should I wait to submit till I have encryption?

I was hoping to just store keys in internal storage, for convenience and easy access, with the option to not save a key and just store in ram if you really wanna copy and paste 64 hex chars to BitWarden or write them down.

Thanks a lot guys!

Code is available here! https://github.com/EternityForest/hardlinep2p

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