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Apologies if this is not the right forum but Senecto Limited are looking for developer who can help with the implementation of an F-Droid solution for distributing apps and software to our client base who all use Android tablets. If you are interested or know anyone who have the skills please contact me

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This is definitely the right forum! There are a few of us who can do that work, including me. You can reply here, or via email: hans@guardianproject.info or team@f-droid.org for the core team (which I’m also on).

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(or maybe you already emailed team@f-droid, and the auto-responder directed you here, in which case I’ll respond when I’m back at my computer)

I replied to Hans’s email on the 22nd March but have not had a response so not sure whether it has been received. So here it is again:

Thanks for your email earlier. The background to this is that we have developed an app, the first version already available on Play Store, called “Amba Care Network”. It is an app aimed at elderly people living alone but wish to stay in close contact with their family, friends and carers. They will be using the app on a special tablet computer which will be running on a modified locked down version of Android. The only app running will be Amba and we are not expecting them to be able to go to the Playstore to get updates of the app – a large proportion of the users are expected to have early onset dementia and be computer illiterate.

We will be upgrading our app on an ongoing basis and we need to find a mechanism to automatically update the app as new versions become available.

The current app is NOT native, it uses plugins like WebRTC, Calendar functions, Weather and time zone add-ons. It has been written in Angular JavaScript and Meteor.

There is a central server function which hosts all the source code and we are able to Hot Code Push updates which do not involve upgrades to the plugins or new plugins which may be required for new features we may wish to add. There may also be a few additional pieces of software required to run on the tablet to make the system work so we need a mechanism to distribute/update such 3rd party software as the need arises.

Within 6 months we will commission a complete re-write of the app to make it run natively so again, we will need to upgrade the existing userbase to this new version when it becomes available.

We have reliably been informed that F-Droid is the bees’ knees as far as solving this particular problem and as we understand it, there are several components to this solution:

a) The client software that runs on the Android tablets
b) The distribution server which controls the versions of the software and manages the deployment
c) A secure PC (running on Ubunto) and is isolated from the internet that manages secure keycode generation to prevent hackers from being able to break into the tablet computers

We are now looking for someone who can help us with this project, ideally get going as quickly as possible.

Hopefully this provides you with enough detail but if you need to discuss it in more detail, I would be happy to set up a skype call, although I have to admit up-front that I am not too technical. If you require more detailed technical input, we can arrange that for next week when a colleague of mine, Oliver Snow, is available.

Sorry, I don’t seem to have received your email! I just checked again, and didn’t see anything in my spam folder either. Please try again?
I replied to this via email, since it seems more appropriate. But I’m happy to keep it here if you prefer.

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