Lint step of fdroiddata pipeline fails without error message after whitespace linting

Could someone please provide some guidance on what needs to be fixed in this Lint pipeline failure? The last step to run is:

$ ./tools/ || export EXITVALUE=1

But that apparently failed, because it immediately follows with:


ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

I guess this is some kind of whitespace issue, but I don’t think there is any unnecessary whitespace in our metadata file…so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas would be appreciated.

The logs for the job that failed can be found here.

The culprit is shown several lines higher.

Hint: run fdroid rewritemeta com.podverse.fdroid to fix formatting.

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Ahh ok, so we were running fdroid rewritemeta com.podverse.fdroid in our Azure pipeline that successfully built the app, but I didn’t use the rewritten output of that command when I made the PR to fdroiddata. Foolish oversight on my part. The pipeline passes now. Thanks for your help!

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