Light sensor log

Hi, I ask if some app have the function to record in a file the ambient light sensor output, fast enough to detect the blinks of Power meters leds, together with a timestamp. It would create a Power consumption monitor, really cost-effective if an old phone could be used. Tried with SensorsOSC, but Power meter is out from wifi range

How often do you need to take a measurement?

The power Meters LEDs diffused in italy blinks about 1 blink each wh (watthour), so for a domestic counters max 1 hz

Phyphox maybe, but I don’t know if it’s measuring fast enough for you…

SensorOSC seems to transmit data at a sufficient speed, so maybe the solution could be to pipe the output to a file instead to send it to an IP address. Having a GNU/ linux system should be quite easy, but with android i don’ t know how to do it

Thanks Poussinou, indeed phyphox seems to be even too fast from my initial tests, i will post updates soon.

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