Liberapay for Fdroid-Data work



Following some discussion in IRC from yesterday I set up a team for Fdroid data work.

Here is how teams work:

I think everyone can just say what share we wants to take from the total donations/week.

The description is what I just came up with, suggestions welcome :slightly_smiling_face: Also adding an icon is a bit annoying to do, because you have to make a account. And I’m not on the team@f-droid email, so I can;t use this…

@relan @mimi89999 @Manizuca if you create an account on liberapay I can invite you to the team.

Anyone I forgot?



So after about 1,5 weeks and absolutely zero promotion we are already receiving 1,28 € per week :slight_smile:

I now added the donation badge to the fdroid data repo and will set up a team logo shortly.

Added to the fdroid website would probably also be helpful.

Edit: Right now only @mimi89999 and I are on the liberapay team. More are certainly welcome.


This is great! Thanks for setting it up! If it increases by 1€ a week, then that will start looking like real money. Would it also make sense to set up a Patreon?


Patreon seems to have a slightly different focus (rewards system vs pure donations). It also is a commercial platform instead of a FOSS project. If someone of the team wants to set this up great, but I probably won’t do it.


We are at (almost) 15 € per week donations. Not too bad! :slight_smile: @relan you are still missing there.


We are the number 3 team on liberapay now! :smile:


I wrote a small post about f-droid and liberapay here:


I’ve just enabled US$ donations for the liberapay team as there were some requests. Still a bit unsure how this will work out in practice. I think if you don’t also enable $ in your personal profile you’ll never receive any. Not sure what happens in all other cases. We’ll figure it out when we get any leftover $ donations I guess.

Maybe we also can attract some contributors form the US that can claim these, who knows.

Ping @relan @mimi89999


There are some unfortunate news regarding liberapay:

While they are looking for a new payment processor people got presented with the option to either take out their remaining wallet funds or donate it “in advance” to the projects they’re supporting instead of the usual weekly donations. A lot of people took the second option, which amounts to about 16 weeks of advance donations judging by the usual amount that ends of in my account every week.

That means that if liberapay actually manages to find another payment provider in about 3-4 months we shouldn’t have lost any donations at all through this. (If enough sign up for the new one that is.)