Latest Tutanota version needs webview update

Version 3.41.6 of tutanota mail app needs webview update.Im using custom nougat rom without any G services.How can I update webview.Downgrading to 3.41.1 works good.Im attaching screenshot of tutanota.

Interesting issue, as this gets updated on devices with Google Services, but customROM is kinda stuck at build time.

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This is the reply I got from there:
" charlag commented:
Perhaphs it says that you need to update your webview, not Tutanota. You can install it from the play store or elsewhere".


Im using custom nougat rom without any G services.How can I update webview.

If your ROM is based on LineageOS, upgrade it to a more recent version. LineageOS adds new WebView versions from time to time. Google rarely updates it in AOSP.

You can also mount your /system partition in read-write mode using a recovery and replace the WebView APK with the one from LineageOS, for example.

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Thankyou.The rom is based on AOSP 7.1.2.Name is AEX.Development is stopped for my phone model ‘sprout’ in almost all custom roms.NO official LOs available.There wont be any updates.May be in future there will be an Oreo based rom available.I think I should have a go at FairEmail.

Have you tried opening



This should be fixed in the latest version, no?

Also @TPS how would that help? Webview compiled by Google signature mismatch?

Thanks @TPS .That works.Installed Android System Webview through Yalp and Tutanota works again.:grinning:

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