Lastbuild != version available in FDroid

Here I see the last version of WALLETH that was build is 26 as it should be:

But when looking here:

the last version is 0.21
Can anyone tell me where this discrepancy is coming from?

The website is showing the latest build now. It might take some time for every F-Droid page to catch up with the last successfully build version.

I found something similar when i enabled “Archived repository”.
Then I find out that few apps have a more recent version in the Archive repo than the one in “Current/default” repository.

That’s extremely weird. @dapgo , could you please give some examples?

Tomdroid is such an example I recall. The Archive have the newer versions compared to the normal repository.

This one should be fixed very soon:

All the other such cases should be reported and fixed IMHO.