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That’s Umbrella repo. I mean alt.



The link re: your repo’s discussion page (above) is now obsolete due to aging out, so I’m going to ask you here re: 2 comments mentioned on GitLab.

Have you consided for inclusion on your repo ABrowser & (as tagged unstable updates, though I’m finding them more stable than 8) Firefox Focus 9 RC?


If you send a merge request for ABrowser, I can merge it. Is there already an official APK for Firefox Focus 9? The script should download the latest official version automatically. I don’t like to integrate specific versions, because the purpose of the repo is that it updates itself automatically.



I’ve asked @

for the Abrowser merge request to be opened @ your repo.

But I’m not sure I understand your response re: Ff Focus RCs: Since they’re not full releases, you don’t want them for your repo? Or because they’re not accessible via your current script?

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New repo :

4 different apps, one of them is proprietary

More information here :

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I decided to finally bother to make an account to post several repos that are not listed here that I’ve had for a long time.

ZeroNet (a decentralized peer-to-peer network):
(yeah it’s long)

Phyphox (a phone experimentation app (similar to PSLab) that recently went open-source):

Zom (a communication app) nightly repo (no longer updated):

Julian Klode’s personal repo (creator of DNS66 and other apps):

Quasseldroid beta versions:

GuardianProject’s Haven nightlies:

Onosendai (a multi-client app of some sort, I’m not really sure):

SteamGifts beta builds:

I don’t even remember where I found this one or what it’s for, but ok:

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You can install anything?

3 years old apps, meh


Welcome to the forum, @TacoTheDank, and thank you for this extensive list! Do you mind adding them to the original post in this topic? It’s a wiki, so it’s editable by everyone.


KDE Android Nightly builds


@McR Welcome to the forum and thanks for the link! Do you want to add it to the original post yourself? It’s a wiki and therefore editable by everyone. I’ve just bumped your permissions to allow you to do so. (New users normally need some time to do that.)


I’ve tested the bromite FDroid Repository ( with FDroid 1.6-alpha2 and it doesn’t work. It says it is “not signed” and that the package source wasn’t used before and I have to activate it to show the apps from the repository. But the I already activated it in the list of repositories and update the list of apps/reload all repository data.
Is this an error with the repository (other repos I added some time before are working) or with the alpha version of FDroid?
Has any other user the same problem adding bromite Repo to FDroid?


Now I used the QR code from the website and it works.
I tested some other repos: It seems like the new version of FDroid can’t deal with added repositories without a fingerprint.
On old version, it works without and the fingerprint got calculated so you can compare it manually.


Agreed. The latest version is unable to manually get that. Can you raise a bump in git?


What does this mean? Who should do what where?


The latest version cannot somehow get repos without a FP. That is what I am saying. I do not have a git account.


Lol there are apps in the main F-Droid repository that are from 2011 (8 YEARS) and haven’t been archived. I don’t think it would hurt for a side repo to exist with slightly outdated apps.

I don’t think I could when I first joined, but I can see I have the power now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to access with a regular browser without a 404 Page Not Found

EDIT: works fine with Firefox


I seem to remember that F-Droid itself has a nightly repo, yet I can now only find

What’s the repo address to add above? Is it ?


Post #26 above: Known Repositories

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