"Kiwix" updates for F-Droid not mantained. Does someone have a solution?

I have requested on GitLab that the creators of Kiwix delete a unnecessary permission, Change_Network_State. This has finally been done in the newest release “Kiwix 3.1.3” and I requested that someone could try to find a way to get new Kiwix versions to F-Droid. But nothing seams to have happened since the request some months ago.
There is a thread about it here: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/issues/1823
But there is no new comment since three months and the newest version on F-Droid is still Kiwix 2.5.3
There has been five new versions since 2.5.3 but I wonder if there is any solution to the problem described on GitLab?

Was the migration finished?

I don’t know and honestly I’m so incompetent that I don’t know what a migration is yet. But I hope someone else can answer that.

About the version code: last version was still with variables instead of a hardcoded number.

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