Kapersky thinks batteryfu is a virus

I get a threat detection warning.


Not the only “false positive” for that “virus”

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Snake oil… See my intro for (and the links at the end of) Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Theft. We do run APKs through VirusTotal and see such false positives from time to time. VT runs stuff through 60+ engines, which makes it easier to spot them: if just 1 or 2 report something, it’s very likely a false positive.

AV apps on your Android device are mostly a greater risk by themselves. Many security researchers would classify them malware or at least PUA. Have you counted the trackers contained in your Kaspersky – or in McAffee, or Avira? Better keep those off your device. If you insist, there’s one clean AV app, and you can get it at (surprise!) F-Droid: Hypatia.

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