Just to say hello...& get infos!

Hi there, i’m Fred, French “distro hopper”!
At this time i “play” & work with F32/Buster10.5 & Open-Suse !
But i also have cellphones, a few in fact, and i want to
get rid of g.ogle & W$ stuff !
As i nuked go.gle play-store i wonder if there is a way
to install some kind of browser that as nothing to do with previous !
I’m NO dev, so it has to be as simple as giving my phone number &
download the “app” that way…Unless there are “other” ways ???
Best & nice day/night

Install f-droid.org -> get apk -> install -> Get Fennec?

I’ll give it a try…
And if that doesn’t work (for me), i’ll go looking for
one of my old Inmarsat system !
Many thanks !

@Licaon_Kter…Sorry to ask, but how can i install as i no longer have app-shop ?
And, i guess u must register & DONATE !
It’s ok with me, but i wonder what FOSS means any longer if u HAVE TO PAY !
Nothing is really Free when it comes to doing lots of work but but but:
“…contribute financially, we recommend using a free (as in free software) …”
I myself, find it a bit hard to believe…

What are you talking about?

Put the F-Droid APK file on the device, open it with a file manager… install…then use it…to install other apps

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@Licaon_Kter…Misunderstanding !
I ment that as far as i have NO ACESS to www on the cellphone, its going to be hard to install,even FF!

Developer mode, USB debug ON…USB cable…PC…get ADB: adb install filename.apk

(adapt filename.apk ofcourse)

OK, I try ! Just wonder how to get dev rights on this mobile !
I’ll find out !!!

U know…I did it easy way !
I just re-installed g…gle>>> just for a while<<< So for now i have:
APK Installer/Fennec client & FireF.x…
And i’ll get rid of the stuff…I mean the ones with BIGBIG ears, not speaking of the rest…
I’ll keep u informed if this just works !
Thanks again

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Hi, seems to work ok…So far !

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