Jozef Behr : Which is the best language to create a simple APP?

i want to create a simple app, which language i should use to create .please suggest me .

Which language do you know?


Yes. Unless there is a programming language that you really want to learn, the best programming language to use is the one that you already know.

Whats the app going to do, what are you going to run it on, android, apple, web, desktop etc.

IMHO It really depends on the project you’d like to build and on where you’re coming from. Sometimes it’s easier to learn a new language for a specific project, other times it makes more sense to go with something you already know.

Since you asked in this forum, I’m going to assume you want to build and Android app.

  • So if you want to write a normal Android app. That looks and feels “normal” you probably want to use the official Android SDK with Java or Kotlin. Almost all mature Android apps use at least little bit of Kotlin or Java, because that’s the only way to integrate well with Android SDK.
  • If you’re interested in also building for iOS you might want to look at flutter which uses a programming language called dart. (There’s also xamarin if you’re familiar with C#, however I guess that’s a bad choice because it’s proprietary and apps built with it might not be eligible for F-Droid)
  • If you want to build a game you probably want to use a Game Engine like Godot. They usually come with their own language, but might also support more than one language.
  • There are also some frameworks base on web development stacks. Most of them are pretty bad, but I’ve heard React Native works fine for small apps.

The more programming languages you’ve mastered, the easier it’ll become to learn new ones. e.g. If you just want to build a fun project for Android I’d go for Kotlin, Java or maybe Flutter. That’s what most apps on F-Droid use.