Jitsi Meet - missing new versions since a while

The last f-droid version is 21.3.0

For some time now there are 2 new Android versions. Can anyone take a look at it?

Ping @TheLastProject the best and fastest girl in town :wink:

I see that most of the time @Licaon_Kter updates Jitsi Meet. The update check is disabled, but I see no maintainer note.

@Licaon_Kter Do you know if there is some system with the Jitsi Meet devs? Like them telling us when it’s time to update? Or is there another reason the update check is disabled?


Umm, don’t remember why, I just look for new version. Not sure what “a while” means, how many versions did I miss?

as i said above

I’ve started a local build for 21.4.1, will MR if ok

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I didn’t see your post for some reason, what’s new since the current available 21.3.0?

Build fails, new stuff needs excluding, will retry…

As far as i can see, 5 fixes and some new features.

Funny thing is that I should have known they released a new one as I saw the screen of a contact with the reaction icons, I thought it was strange but didn’t put 1 and 1 together :slight_smile:


That’s no problem, I’m there for such reminder jobs:-) You and others have to do the complicated part for people like me :wink:


Today the new version 21.4.1 has been released.

Without all of you, my phone/tablet would be nothing worth. Thank you all, one more time for making this all possible. Thank you!


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I learned here

that some apps do not have automatic update. So I sent @Licaon_Kter a PM as a reminder every time a new version was released. That worked for a while. But the last answer was a bit confusing for me. Since then nothing happens anymore. Now there are 2 new versions again.

So can someone explain to me what someone can do who can’t read a single line of code? What people like me can do is write some reminders. But if there is no answer/response, I am out of ideas what should be the next step…

Anyway, thank you for all the work!

There’s no answer since I didn’t manage to build it, unfortunately. The deps have changed so the recipe needs to be revised.

Will try again from where I left it…

The “magic” has start again :wink: Thank you!

Today the new version 22.1.1 has been released.

Still true!


Latest Jitsi release is 22.4.0 but f-droid is still stuck at 22.2.0. @Licaon_Kter could you provide an update?

Update your index :wink:

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Thank you!