I've got "Failed to find any output apks" what is the problem?

Hi, I’ve got that message.

(I have 2 flavors: GPS and FD-GH)

I don’t understand

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Already fixed? https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/-/commit/9b5d107754bbae3a495224b45ba4fb9778cb0541

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I don’t do anything… I was waiting for some asnwers to this topic… anyway, yes, “FD-GH” is the correct flavour.
Should I do anything?

And please, explain to me if I should do some operations for every new release or not :slight_smile: thanks

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Look the failed build date and the fixup date, no, don’t do anything, yes, the build block is copied on update so it should work.


Perfect. Really thanks