Issues with NewPipe?

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that for the last couple of days I cannot load any videos from NewPipe. I checked the issue tracker in their GitHub Repo but it’s now closed as resolved, but even after updating the app as per the new version released two days ago I’m still having the same problem. Also with the NewPipe Legacy app. The error message I see is “Could not decrypt video URL signature”

Anyone else has the same issue?

Yes, it’s broken. There’s a new upstream release already, which will be on F-Droid very soon hopefully.


Cierto, esto tambien me pasa, no funciona Newpipe

que bueno que hay solucion, muchas gracias!

Bubu, ¿crees que sea la misma app o sera otra?

Salut , i have the same problem with this app

Apps typically lag several days in updates on F-Droid. I don’t think you can force install the non-F-Droid version without deleting your NewPipe data, since F-Droid and Github versions have different signing certificates.

But if you’re using NewPipe (non-Legacy), you can install the up-to-date Legacy version from Github (if they’ve released the fix on Legacy), which will install alongside F-Droid’s NewPipe. You can then use that until F-Droid receives the NewPipe update.

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You can always export your data, uninstall, install, import, FYI.

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