Issue with F-Droid Updates locking up

Here are the specs:
Moto G5 Plus
ArrowOS Pie
F Droid 1.7.1
No customizations

When ever I update an F-Droid app, the window to install the update never goes away after I click on Install. I can switch apps for second or so by using the minimize all apps button( third button at the bottom menu), but the update window pops back on top covering all apps. There is a notification that the app has been updated in the drop down notifications that I can see but when I select it, the update window returns. The only way to get back to normal usage is to reboot. The F-Droid app is not listed in the Special App Permissions to display over other apps.
How do I go about reporting this and attempting to get the issue solved?

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I’ve seen this on Huawei Mate 9 OmniROM Pie (in the past year) and Sony XZ2 Compact Stock Android 9 (with 1.7.1 this week), no logs though, not easy to repro.

Basically the image stays on top, so when you hit HOME the launcher is under and every touch will activate whatever the launcher has there.

Thanks for the reply. I had another response on Reddit that works around the issue and I veriefied that it works:

  1. Tap ‘Install/Update’
  2. Now installer should open with ‘Install’ & ‘Cancel’ buttons.
  3. Don’t click any of these. Press Home button to go to your homepage/launcher.
  4. There should be a notification to install the app.
  5. Click ‘Install’ button in the notification.
  6. Proceed with installation.

I’ve Gott the same issue on my S10e (SM-G970F)
Update a dozen times and still listed in available Updates list

@jpcurvin That’s not the same issue

After you update looking down at versions, are you on the latest?

If you use the app, is it updated?

If you close & reopen F-Droid the updates tab still has them?

If you pull to refresh again, do they disappear?

If you clean F-Droid cache (NOT data), do they still appear?

What F-Droid version?

I’ve done all these things … refreshed, cache cleared, Version number did not change. Even uninstalling didn’t work at the First try. So i deleted all apps wich cause the Problems. I’ve only 24h a day. Fuc*** Smartphone transfomes more and more like the devil in my pocket. Everyday something new fails. Sorry. Just a fact

Since Pie isn’t official for G5+, maybe try a different ROM? Many have strangeness like that, & switching helps.

I’ve Samsung Galaxy S10e SM-970-F with Android Q (10) Patch Level 1.1.2020 no root or anything like that. Thanks for supporting me :+1:

Still problems with updates witch appear in available updates even if i did the update bevore

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