Is there difference between mull by divwst and fdroid?

Like does fdroid version has more privacy friendly or both are same except for siging key

We wish f-droid carefully, reliably verified no malicious or non-free content or anti-features.

We get different build and sig, and delay.

Example current Version 105.1.0 Added on F-Droid 2022-09-23, on DivestOS official repo 2022-09-19, four days sooner.

Looking at the build recipe, it doesn’t look like any additional patches are applied.

So, assuming the Mull version in the DivestOS repo matches the public source code (I would assume it does, the Mull developer doesn’t strike me as the type that would secretly add non-public patches) there shouldn’t be any difference.

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Thanks for info

I am using faster one

@SkewedZeppelin is the dev of Mull.

Given the upstream Mull is also built with fdroidserver and the one in F-Droid is also maintained by @SkewedZeppelin there should be no difference. I don’t knon why it’s not reproducible build.


The illusive mythical holy grail?

Old Debian versus bleeding edge Fedora?


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