Is my app going to have NonFreeNet anti-feature?

Hi. I’m preparing my app to get released, preferably without any anti-features, but I don’t quite understand if my case can be qualified as NonFreeNet.

I want to use Matomo analytics, which is going to be opt-in, turned off by default. In code I’m planning to hardcode server’s ip address. User will be able to only toggle analytics on and off, there are no other related configurations.

I saw there are quite a lot of discussion on this topic but it’s still not clear to me, should I also add an option to set custom matomo url within the app, or it’s fine as is? Thanks

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As I understand your message, Matomo is only there to track your users and not a core functionality of the app?

In that case, NonFreeNet is not necessary. The Tracking anti-feature would be, but given you’re saying it’s turned off by default you won’t get the Tracking anti-feature on your app either.


Great. That’s right, I need analytics just to track what users do in the app, it’s not a core functionality

Note though, even though F-Droid doesn’t flag your app, these SDKs (even if disabled by default) may show up on Exodus reports as trackers, which the users of your app may or may not like.

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