Is at.bitfire.nophonespam dead?

I’ve been using NoPhoneSpam for a while and I’ve gathered a couple hundred numbers to block. From the repository in gitlab I can notice they have this update that adds an import-export function that has been sitting there for a year. Well, it so happens I do need (not urgent) the import-export because I want to reset my phone and I don’t want to start gathering all those spam numbers over again.

Does any of you use the app? Do you know if the developer plans to release that update? I meant to ask this in the gitlab repository but the warning texts saying that the issues should be for actual bug reporting held me back.

I literally ask no more from this app.

EDIT: I just realized there is a donate button in their file, I guess I’ll send some money with a note asking and I’ll keep you guys posted, in case you use the app.

Latest tag: 0.2.1

Latest F-Droid version: 0.2.1

So…F-Droid has the latest version.

Better ask the dev to publish a new tag/version:

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