Is anybody interested in a simple offline STT app?

I’m wrapping up a simple STT app right now. It’ll save the text to a file or the clipboard. It would work fully offline. It’s the central module for an offline assistant app I’m working on, but I figured I’d start with what I already have working. Just trying to gauge overall interest.


What does STT mean? Link to the source code?

What library are you using?

I’m working on

Best of luck!

speech to text

STT means speech to text

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Its built using Vosk/Kaldi which is the successor to CMU Sphinx/pocketsphinx

I would be very interested. For now I have to use the buttons in the car when I have to do an important call. It’s not only forbidden while driving, cars today aren’t very user friendly… The Tesla driver was in the news because his windscreen wiper had to be controlled through the display…
It would be very nice to not being distracted from traffic.

would it be possible to integrate this into one of the keyboard apps?

So that (e.g.) while a button is long-pressed the spoken text flows into the input field?

I agree. Mind typing out what you envision an interaction with the app might be?

Yes absolutely. I think that’s a good use case for it

I think many would. There are zero speech to text apps on Fdroid. Disabling or removing the google app you lose voice input. If an app was done it would certainly be appreciated and fill this hole. Like RHvoice did for TTS, cheers :beers:

Cool. I’ll happily put one up. The apps main focus is actually a digital assistant, and I already have all of the core features working. I’ll have to tie it in to a keyboard though. I’ll release it as the assistant first, so keep an eye out

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