Is Andor's Trail free software as a whole?

According to source code page, content has only been licensed for use in Andor’s Trail. Is F-Droid fine with this?

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It is probably acceptable, but it should definitely have a nonfree-assets antifeature based on the statements on that page.

In addition, the description links to this page, but that seems to now be a 404, so it likely should link to the page you linked instead.
Also I’m not sure most of the content is CC-licensed anymore, again based on the page you linked, so maybe it’d be best to just link to the page in the description without making any specific claims.

Would you like to make a PR in fdroiddata for this, or should I try instead? (Honestly not too familiar with Git and Gitlab, so try is meant literally.)

Please go ahead. I will help if you get stuck.

After a couple of false starts, I have a merge request about this, done through the web UI. I think next time I should use actual git instead.


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