Improve Andor's Trail APK

Does anyone want to improve the Andor’s Trail APK from F-Droid? These tasks could be done:

  1. Include translations.
  2. Drop unnecessary files.

The app entry could also be completed by adding a link for donations.

APK or metadata?

Both should be done upstream and not on F-Droid (except the link to donations)

The changes should be done in the build metadata.

The two tasks should be solved by adding patch and build to the build recipe. This will affect the resulting APK.

The link to donations is added with Donate. It does not modify the APK.

We don’t modify the app sourcecode, unless there’s a reason pertaiting to the build process.

What changes exactly?

First, in order to include translations, the patch from pull request #15 in upstream’s repository should be applied to avoid building errors; this bug is expected to be fixed in the next version. Then, these commands should be executed:

set -e
for po in assets/translation/*.po
	msgfmt -o ${po%.po}.mo $po

Do you agree?

So why not wait for the next release?

Let us wait then.

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