Images are not loaded

When I open an application on f-Droid, sometimes the images are not loaded, the same happens with mobile data and wifi, everything is okay in the settings.
Does anyone know the reason?
The same thing happens with the icons of some applications they are not displayed but it is very rare.
Here’s a screenshot

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I have this problem also. It will only occasionally show pictures if I am on the wifi, never on cellular. Even on WiFi it is hit or miss.
I checked the issue tracker, there is one issue where someone recommends a pull down swipe in an app details screen to allow it to refresh.

So, I can’t help you, unless it is helpful to not be alone. :smiley:

Wi-Fi and mobile data sliders are all the way to the right?

Autodownloads are On?

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In my case, yes.

Same here, I hadn’t seen these images.
i tried every step but didn’t work.

it seems that it happen due to connection timeout.

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