I2P should have "enables access to child pornography" as an anti-feature

It should be clearly stated that i2p enables access to child pornography so users are encouraged to avoid it.

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Wasn’t this true for the whole Internet at large? I don’t get it why you’d single out I2P or Tor or ZeroNet or etc


I mean, yes, web browsers etc should also generally have that anti-feature listed.

App developers may work towards restricting access to CP if they want the anti-feature warning removed.

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Why don’t you propose this to the devs themselves? F-Droid will package the improved version once that’s out…

Adding anti-features will not make things better… what are the users supposed to do exactly when they open the app details and see the 7 sigils of awfulness…what other app they should install then? Oh… there are none? Because it’s easier to add a metadata label on F-Droid than code this in the app repo upstream… :roll_eyes:


without the metadata label, there’s no incentive for upstream to block this stuff.

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Upstream has really no incentive to have the app on F-Droid kinda 90% of the time, we are tolerated mostly (you can see that whenever we try to ask them for some upstream changes), and we have like 4 apps that actively “talk/ask” about moneyz. So I don’t find this anti-features blackmail a constructive thing to use.

We should all work together not throw stones at each other. Throwing doesn’t get anything build…


nah tusky should carry similar warnings.

That’s the same as requesting to label cars with “enables terror acts and bank robberies” or labeling kitchen knifes with “enables murder”. So two letters to make a long story short:



I mean, shouldn’t we?

:man_facepalming: We’re not in the US here (at least most of us) where one needs to label a Superman costume for Helloween with “doesn’t enable to fly”. If you plaster everything with warnings, nobody will be reading them anymore – especially when they don’t make sense (as everyone can deduce those facts using “common sense”).

So again: No, we shouldn’t. That’s all (no more comments from me on this).


Eyesight enables access to pornography. We should clearly state this!


okay, maybe using antifeatures to list content warnings is probably a bad idea.

so can we get a content warning feature?

We’d have to add a warning to any app with INTERNET access, so again, no.


That’s a feature, not a bug.

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