I want to sponsor a FOSS audio recording app - with a twist

My idea is this: I want to equip old android cells we all have laying around as (lavalier) microphone recorders on e.g. actors. This far this can be done by most simple audio recording apps.
But for it to be as easy as possible for the actor/interviewee it would be great if the recording could be started by “the audio controller” from, e.g. another cell or PC behind the camera in the same wifi network.
So, an existing audio recording app might be extended to allow remote start/pause/stop and - bonus - transmission and display of the recoding levels of the different recording mics on the controlling cell/PC. The recording itself shall stay on the individual cells, not transmitted real-time to the controller.
It would be probably best if the start/pause/stop commands should be transmitted via TCP over the shared network between the devices, the rec level data back to the controller can probably be done by UDP packets.

I’m a loongtime linux admin and know a bit of programming - but not sufficient app programming to do it myself.
I’d be willing to give 500€ for the extension/development of that functionaliy - the whole app shall be free and open source, preferably GPL3.
I know that 500€ is not sufficient money to do a proper app development. The money is rather meant as an encouragement and maybe others want to chime in also with some euros/$.

What do you think of that idea?

In order not to have multiple people start development right away and so create duplicate work a little coordination and planning would be needed (which I can do).

Sounds like a fun exercise. what languages are you familiar with?

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