I need any Firefox fork which works with talkback

Please send me Firefox fork which will be more accessible for tb, original is not

Firefox from Google Play is?

It says loading repeatedly and I rage quitted.

SO you need to report this to the devs upstream, Mozilla, right?

I’m using Firefox nightly AKA Fenix downloaded from Mozilla (not f-droid yet) and it’s working fine for me. I do also have accessibility turned on all the time.
I can remember seeing some unexpected crashes in the past but I guess this might be either device or web site specific.
You should collect more details and submit this as an issue to mozilla.
Also it’s very unlikely there will be firefox fork with additional accessibility work on the top of mozilla’s one as Mozilla still has dedicated accessibility team, they are accepting bug reports and code contributions so there is no point to fork in order to add accessibility related features.

Edit: Installed Fenec from F-droid and the accessibility features are working fine after a quick test. Loaded a few pages with Talkback and Jieshuo.


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