I have the Mirror F-droid ... and now?

Hello everyone,
I have a mirror of f-droid (fdroid / repo only) made with rsync using the documentation in gitlab, but when I connect to the web page I can see only this:
Captura de pantalla de 2021-03-15 09-42-38

What do I need to have the web interface? Or instead, how do I add this repository to the f-droid client for android?

Do I have to generate a new QR code with the url of my website?

Important note: This mirror does not have the capacity or bandwidth to contribute to the load balancing of the f-droid project. It’s just a local copy in a small isolated community, and it’s going to be used when the internet is gone for weeks.
And for this reason, I need it to have an interface in some way, so that people in the community can download the apps from this copy when there is no other solution.

I don’t know how to change the page (repo/index.html) as it’s rsynced from the official repo. But you can always add your repo to the client with https://{your-mirror-url}/repo?fingerprint=43238D512C1E5EB2D6569F4A3AFBF5523418B82E0A3ED1552770ABB9A9C9CCAB. Maybe you can put it on anothor page on your website.

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