How to use tag in Feeder

Hi, I was looking for a RSS reader with notification support based on filtered keywords. Feeder seems to fit my needs, except I couldn’t get the tag function working. I might be using it wrong, but I first tried two words, with a + sign inbetween, comma separated, blank space, then tried one word, but it doesn’t seem to do anything, it still shows all the feeds.
Are there any similar apps (standalone) on the playstore or f-droid?

You can report upstream if it doesn’t work well. There are many other rss readers. Just search in F-Droid then you can find many choices. Flym is one of the best ones.

I read on their site from a closed issue that multi tag is not supported. That’s too bad. I’m going to check out Flym, Thanks

So Flym works pretty good, but it doesn’t do keyword filtering. With NewsBlur you have to connect to a server and no option to filter words as well. Other rss apps are abandoned/outdated. Any other suggestions are welcome.

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