How to set root access?

Xiaomi redmi note 8 pro.

I have installed youtube vanced some time ago and i believe i did some root thing back then if that’s relevant.

When i click miui version i get “you are already a developer”.

I have rebooted the phone without success.

It is not recommended that users without computer skills root their phone, you are opening a security hole.

Reading your sentences it is clear that you do not know well what you are talking about, no offense.

Actually, nobody should do it in their daily driver, skilled or not. A solid reason is needed.
Of course, just my opinion :slight_smile:

No there are reasons to root specially if you have a device from xiaomi as it contains malware as far as i know in india they block mi browser due to malware activity.
So if you know what you are doing removing sheddy stuffs than it is okey but still i will agree with it if you don’t have a good knowledge in computer and the technology you should not do it from youtube.
You need some linux knowledge to understand what is root and what you are doing one you gather some do it no issues but at your risk.

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